In Short:
GameG Apps doesn't collect any personal data.

However GameG Apps uses third party services for Ad-Serving, In-App Purchasing & Analytics, which may collect your minimal personal data as per their privacy policies, but we assure you that we only use trusted third party services like Admob (by Google) or MoPub (by Twitter).

In certain scenarios GameG Apps may access your device information, but it is not shared & also it is hashed (coded in a non-reversible format) before use.

Privacy Policy
Last Updated 16 June 2020

We (GameG) will try to describe all possible scenarios where your data is collected and used in our apps :
  • During In-App Purchase a unique identifier is sent with the purchase request, this unique identifier is generated by our apps using device information. Note: Any specific information like device id, model etc. that are used to generate the unique identifier are first hashed (coded in a non-reversible format) before using, i.e. no user info is used / shared.
  • Most of the GameG Apps display Ads to users, these are provided via trusted third party providers, these Ad providers collect data for practices like serving relevant ads or monitoring ad quality etc., we don’t grant location permission to these providers, nor we fetch them with user information, but still other data based on the privacy policies of the providers may be collected. GameG Apps currently uses Admob (by Google) & MoPub (by Twitter), more providers may be added in future.
  • Some GameG Apps use analytics like Admob User Metrics (by Google), which monitors user activity like app open / exit, ad click etc.. Here Admob User Metrics never shares users’ information with us, but the data collected by it is based on its privacy policy.
Getting consent for serving related ads : some geo locations require consent from users for serving relevant ads, but currently GameG doesn’t target those geos, so GameG by default doesn’t show relevant ads to users in those geos, because GameG has very few / none users from those geos.

This privacy policy applies only to the active play store apps, not to any other unauthorized copies distributed elsewhere. GameG is not responsible for any privacy / other damage done by these unauthorized app copies.

GameG reserves the right to change / update this privacy policy at any time with / without any notification to the users, users should review this policy time to time & if they disagree then they should stop using GameG Apps.

If you have any questions / queries regarding this privacy policy then please contact us.
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